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About us

Mãori is a company that has been providing optimum transportation solutions for its clients for more than ten years. Our principal activity area is national and international shipping. We ensure the delivery of cargos along all possible routes and using all existing means, shipping cargo ourselves by road and organising cargo transportation by railway, ship or plane. Our long experience in the shipping industry and an extensive network of partners have allowed us to develop a stable system of routes across the whole world. Thus, we can offer the very best terms for partnership.
Today, increasingly more enterprises choose to outsource their logistics processes to professionals. As a professional logistics company, we provide them with high quality services and help to decrease costs too.

Why do people choose us?

High quality service. We guarantee a high standard of service: optimum route planning, tracking, strict adherence to deadlines and control.
Speed. We do not wait to react to our clients’ inquiries and present the best possible offers with regard to price and speed.
Competitive price. We find the best solutions for effectively managing the entire logistics process, thus we can help you reduce your shipping costs.
Professionalism. We implement integrated solutions: warehouse logistics and multimodal shipping.
Customs mediation. We help our clients deal with single administrative documents (SAD), or Form C88 in the UK, for import, export and transit procedures. We also fill in and formalise other international cargo shipping documents: CMR waybills, TIR Carnet and digital TIR Carnet declarations.
Distribution. We distribute and ship our clients’ goods, both part-load and full truckload cargo, on a local or international scale.
Bonus solutions. Mãori can arrange transport with Russian/Belarusian license plates. This allows clients to circumvent difficulties that are periodically encountered at the border.

Shipping standard cargo

We have a large ground transportation depot with a variety of vehicles and can provide quality transportation services for all cargo types with our own trucks. This enables us to meet the tightest possible deadlines. Road transport is especially relevant when heavy cargo must be shipped and the size of the shipment is not too large.

Shipping cargo at a regulated temperature

Our equipment enables us to maintain a temperature setting from -30°C to + 30°C. We can also provide a two-compartment refrigerator that can support two different temperature settings at the same time.

Shipping part-load cargo

This is a crucial part of our job. Professionally consolidated goods and experienced drivers ensure the expedient pick-up of part-load cargo across the whole world and efficient door to door delivery.

Storage services

Storage is an essential part of any logistic chain. The main criteria for choosing a storage destination are location, storage conditions and qualified employees. We offer quality storage services for both standard and temperature-regulated cargo under advantageous terms: from management and security to distribution to partner warehouses and our own warehouses in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Cargo insurance

In the current economic environment, cargo insurance is incredibly important in order to feel safe when transporting your cargo.
Mãori collaborates with the most reliable insurance companies and, taking even the minor subtleties of each shipping operation into account, we offer our clients the most favourable insurance terms possible.


“Maori group” customs brokers can prepare all the necessary customs documents for their clients, including documents filling (import, export and transit procedures) and other customs procedures.


We are looking for the right person — person who wants to innovate, achieve, grow and lead. We attract and retain the best talent by investing in our employees and empowering them to develop themselves and their careers. Experience the challenges, rewards and opportunity working with people who know why they’re doing what they’re doing and where they’re heading.

Key Responsibilities
• Under general supervision, plans and implements the complete logistics cycle.
• Optimizes domestic and international movement to ensure goods are delivered to the freight forwarders so they can be onward shipped to final destination with all required documents.
• Ensures that all engagement and practices for the movement of goods domestically and internationally are in compliance with local and international law.
• Collaborates with logistics service providers to find the appropriate and creative solution to ensure goods make the final destination in a timely manner, while maintaining a competitive edge.
Minimum Qualifications
• No minimum qualifications required
Preferred Qualifications
• Freight Forwarding experience is preferred
“Maori group” is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Vilnius, Lithuania


JSC ‘’MAORI Group”
1 Motorų g. Str. Vilnius, Lithuania
Registration code: 302253891
VAT No.: LT100008825316
Tel.: +37065999998

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